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hi, sorry I haven’t been answering, turns out I have the flu and so I pretty much slept the day away. sorry:(
Hey, Sorry ❤️
I have to leave soon. I have a question also.
are you mad ?
I don’t know you just seem mad
love you too 💜
-looks at you-
-sits in your lap- Are you tired baby?
Get some rest baby. -gets off of your lap-
-smiles at you softly- You’re adorable
-smiles and sits on the floor doing homework-
*kisses you and smiles* I love you (Jimmie isn’t on tonight) -Sav
so close to 300!🎉😱
what? *smiles* why didn’t you tell me when she was coming?
-does homework quietly-
hi cutie *smiles and kisses you* how are you feeling? -J. hi baby *smiles while holding Levi* -S
no plz plz u have to stay!! //Emily
hello *smiles looking down at her*
sure *nods*
whaaaaaat 💙
love you too
*cradles her softly in my arms*
*smiles and rocks her gently*
she’s looks a bit like Preston
love you more ❤️
-blushes- thank you ☺️
post your bioooooo
it’s okkkkk
-smiles and sits in your lap-
I don’t know.
-smiles softly-
I leeerve you
it means I love you 😂
*kisses you* he’s good, he has teeth coming in so he’s been very whiny -Sav
that’s good to hear *kisses you* -J
this is so motivational I love it! can u check out my page and tell me what u think?
he’ll be fine *smiles and kisses his cheek*
she’s good *smiles and points to her* she’s playing with baby dolls like usual -J
*kisses you and smiles* I love you -Sav
*laughs* thanks hottie -J
*smiles and lays Levi down on his play mat* -S
*kisses you and laughs* what? what did I do?
4 months baby *smiles*
yes you are *smiles and sits down on the couch*
I know *smiles and watches him* -S
*rubs your belly and smiles*
*kisses you and smiles* -S
*kisses your forehead and turns on the tv* -J
*blushes* stop Wes
*watches tv while holding Cate* what do you wanna watch princess
REALLY!!?!?!?? -jumps into ur arms-
*holds your hand and smiles*
*rubs your belly and holds Cate* -J
*kisses you* do you wanna go to the beach, my mom said she would watch Levi today -S
*holds you close to me and smiles* -J
*smiles and stands up, picking Levi up* okay
*watches and holds both of you*
(remix us, it can on the same collage)
good morning:): you still love me..?
.. I don’t know
-sits next to you-
..looking for something?
okay -smiles softly-
love you too
okay, what do you wanna do -looks at you-
I’m very indecisive 😂
-laughs- I jus wanna cuddle you
-sits in your lap and rests my head on your shoulder-
-wraps my arms around your neck and kisses your neck softly-
-kisses you softly-
-bites your bottom lip softly and giggles-
thank you
-smiles rests my head on your shoulder again-
-kisses you-
-smiles- You’re so cute
eeeh no
eeeh fine -smiles-
-kisses you-
I love you
-giggles- Thank You. but you’re hotter
maybe I should post more often ? -winks and laughs-
-laughs- Okay
okie okie I get it 😂 you think I’m pretty ❤️
-blushes- aweee
I love you too
my baby is hotttt toooo
-kisses you back-
not not not
-stares at you- No.
eeeh Fine
-giggles- You’ve said this beforeeee
thanks baby , yours is too
love you too :)
I have some studying to do and then I’m going to bed ❤️✨ GoodNight Baby 🌹
sorry we have been on a lot, there is a lot going on with one of our friends and it’s hard to be on and be there for him at the same time
hello baby
hi handsome -s
he’s doing great -s
I love you too princess -t
I’m good. how are you? -s
hey buddy *smiles* -t
gooood -s
not reallyyy -s
I’m here now bud -t
*smiles* I love you -s
*chuckles and picks him up* -t
:) -s
I know. *smiles* never too big dad -t
1 -s
*smiles and holds him* -t
I know. baby remix me. I have to show you something -s
what do you wanna play buddy?
okay *smiles*
*puts him down*
*smiles and sits on the floor*
hey hey be nice Preston
Preston. apologize to your mom
can she play now?
*smiles* good boy
Good Morning Beautiful 💙😂💙
restarting sounds really good rn😁
-laughs- But you have to post everyday too
hi Wes *hugs you and kisses you* -Sav
ooo what is it *smiles* -J
how are you *looks up at you and smiles*
tell me tell me tell me *laughs* -J
I’m good *smiles* wanna head to the beach now, my step mom is watching Levi today
*kisses you* that’s great -J
okay *smiles and grabs my bag* ready?
*smiles and holds you close to me* we should start thinking of names
*walks out and holds your hand* I love you
what names do you like *sits on the couch while holding my arms out for you* -J
*walks over to the car and puts my bag in the back*
*pulls you into my lap and cuddles you* -J
*gets in and buckles* thank you baby
*holds you and smiles* how about Caden and we call him Cade *smiles* -J
*finishes buckling*
hey baby
did good with what?
*smiles* thank you
*chuckles* so much for playing
*smiles and grabs a water from the fridge
I know *laughs*
whatever my wife wants to do
Have a good day baby ❤️☺️
please post.. :(
I’m baaack
oh cråp. I forgot. I’ll post right now.
how come you aren’t able to post?
-laughs- Quiit.
I don’t even understand 😂
Gnnnnn 💫❤️
hey.. I might be leaving pc..
I don’t know.. Aspen and a bunch of other people on my account said that they don’t want to be apart of the account anymore. so it depends on who’s leaving and who’s not. if more than half are leaving then I have to leave too..
I know. I’ll miss you too. but I have a 50/50 chance.
I have to go to school. I hope I’ll be on later. I love you so much. ❤️
hey , aspen said I could stay :)
love you too
-giggles- Thank You
you’re hot as well 🤤🤤❤️
I have a D in math 😬
yeeeaaa and my math professor hates me
hello princess
I’m good. how’ve you been?
wow.. u do amazing stuff...❤️💖💖. I really like ur work and keep it up contest on my page 💖💖it would mean a lot to me if u entered❤️💖💖💖-@Tilly17
good *smiles*
she’s doing good 🙂
I love you too princess ❤️
hey. -smiles-
-smirks- Thank You Daddy
i don’t know, I just felt like saying it ☺️
-smiles softly-
love you too
-rests my head on your shoulder-
-smiles softly- Wanna go to the park?
*laughs* are the sparks still there?
tell her that he is doing well
baby will u post for me?
okay 🙂
we should set them up babe
let’s have a dinner at our house but we can make them eat outside and we can stay inside because we have to watch the kids.
okay :)
whenever you think itll be ready
I can barbecue. maybe you can make sides?
*smiles and goes outside to start the grill*
*grills the meat*
*grills the meat*
dumb question but how do you post a pic
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yes princess. is it all ready?
I’ll call alex *smiles*
*texts alex to come over*
where is that
*sits on the couch*
*holds harlee*
a: *rings the doorbell*
a: *walks inside* alex hello *smiles and waves*
baby ur never on😭😩
sorry for advertising it’s just I’m not getting noticed but could you please check out my account okay ahh sorry sorry sorry byee
a: *smiles* hi octavia
a: sure. *nods*. *gets up to get the meat off the grill*
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this is cute
a: *gets up and kisses olivia’s head before sitting down*
t: *starts serving the food*. s: hi olivia *smiles*
hello -s
t: hold on. *clears my throat* octavia and alex. the adults are sitting outside. come on
a: *follows*
t: *points to the patio table* me and kenzie will sit across from you both after we check on the kids. go ahead and eat. don’t wait up for us. *takes your hand quickly going inside leaving them alone outside
a: *sits by octavia*. t: *walks inside and smiles* now we eat in here and if they ask why we didn’t eat outside we say we wanted to watch the kids
a: ive been good *chuckles* a bit lonely but i’m good
a: *nods and eats* how’ve you been?
a: if she’s ever too much, you can always bring her to me
a: *smiles and eats*
*puts my hair behind my ear and eats*
a: *glances at you, bites my lip, then eats*
*raises my eyebrow* i beg to differ
*looks around, reaches my hand over, placing it on your upper thigh* you’re very hot, baby girl
a: *looks around again, gently holds your chin, leans in to kiss you*. t: babe! look!! hurry!!!
a: *gently presses my lips against yours*. t: *grins* i hope it did
a: *moves my hand from your chin and picks up my fork again, eating*. t: i can’t tell. is she mad? did she like it?
t: it looks like it got awkward *laughs*. a: rats
a: *eats*. t: *chuckles*
a: *finishes?
looks cool
what are you gonna talk to her about
and we know he likes her🙂
now what?
i know baby
hey -a
a: oh yeah? why is that?
*laughs* and she made us talk so we could be set up
*smiles* i don’t know how set ups work
sure like what
let’s go see the maze runner?
*puts my shoes on*
talking olive?
thennn lets go. we can walk
*walks outside*
*keeps walking*
shy? *chuckles* nah
*gets here and buys us tickets and popcorn and drinks*
uhhh babe. we have a problem -t
alex is really upset
he’s yelling at himself for falling for her again
i deleted it. i’m gonna make a new one -s
well he’s mad and he’s gone. he said he’s never coming back - t
he left. who knows what he’s gonna do
oh well he won’t answer any of my messages or calls
hey baby
i thought we were?
just never redid the bio cuz ya girl a slacker and hates bio’s
i missed u. wht u been up too
everythin. i been busy 😩
i missed u sm
aww rly? -blushes-
i love u babe -kisses ur cheek-
can i have a kiss? pweeasseee -stands on my tippe toes and makes a kissy face-
-kisses back-
follow me!!!!!!!
hey daddy //em
-smiles up at u and tries not to laugh-
nooooothing -smiles-
-smiles- i dont have to go to school tmr cuz i got n a fight
yeah. i broke a chicks nose
she deserved it -rolls my eyes-
daddy she was a bîtch tho! -crosses my arms over my chest-
fine -rolls my eyes-
okay. im sorry im just mad
-looks down at my hand-
follow me!!!!!!
hi princess 🙂
be happy and enjoy it
i love you moreee
very true 😋
yes i do 😘
i love you most
mostester 🧡
very intriguing 🌿👍🏼
follow me!!!!!