• Helppp I need advice from you guys!! I will tell you the story in the comments. I wish you all a good day/evening!😊❤  •


• Helppp I need advice from you guys!! I will tell you the story in the comments. I wish you all a good day/evening!😊❤ •

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So I wil keep it as short as possible. A guy came randomly into my life. He is a barista at a coffee shop something like starbucks but it is Dutch. About 4 months ago I started going there to do schoolw ork and study. It is a great place to do that. And the first time he was there behind the counter I immediately started liking him. I don't know exaclty what happened. And now yesterday I went there again. I went only bc of him this time. As many of you knoiw I quit my major so I don;t have that much work I can do there. And something happened yesterday. He flirted with me... I was so dumb that I didnt get it immediately. So I know now that he probably likes me too. I dont know what to do next time I go there.... I really wanted tot alk to him but I didint expect him to flirt. And I guess it was just unexpected. I had no idea he likes me. It is weird. So yeah please let me know what you would do.
And also I am afraid a bit of some things like I will get hurt at the end and that he won't turn out to be the guy I thought he is. How would you get over these fears and go with the flow?
gorgeous 😻
hmm I think that you should get to know him a bit more so you can find out who he really is, and if you really like him you should go for it❤️
I agree with meandmeonly I think u should see what he’s like first and if u are happy with what he has to offer u should go for it 💖💖💖
thank you!! your comments make my day ❤️😊
can’t say I have any experience whatsoever in relationships or flirting or anything like that but I’d say you should keep talking to him unless you find reason not to. If he turns out to not be who you thought he was and he’s not someone you end up liking, then just stop talking to him. has he asked for your number or anything?
also, for music recommendations, what kind of music would you say you listen to the most? like what are some are some of your favorite artists and bands? because I’ll base my recommendations off of that (I like to take music recommendations very seriously 😂)
Oh as it's not more than a little flirting I think it's nothing to worry about, go there again and talk to him! Don't think about Anthony else than getting to know him - we girls/women often overthink stuff and then we might miss out on lots of things...good luck 💕
/anything not Anthony lol 😂
ur welcome no problem ❤️😘
you’re welcome!! :))
indie pop/rock are what I’d consider my top genres as well! :) have your heard Peer Pressure by James Bay yet? it’s beautiful! his voice is incredible! and as for suggestions I feel like you’d probably like Vera Blue, I love her 💕 also Nina Nesbitt is another female artist who I love. and two bands I’d suggest are HAIM and Hippo Campus if you haven’t listened to them before. so yeah. 😂do you have any recommendations?
Yes, it's hard to start a conversation, I agree. Maybe try to ask him some question? People usually answer and then there might be a chance for follow-up talk/questions...
no problem! u r amazing!!
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gorgeous and omg your barrister dude situation sounds like a movie 😂 I think you should get to know him more
and maybe get a few free coffees along the way Hahahaha
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