I made this yesterday for a contest, but I wanted to post it today! It isn’t that good, but I hope you like it! QOTD: Are you still active on tiktok? AOTD: no


💖7/7/20💖 I made this yesterday for a contest, but I wanted to post it today! It isn’t that good, but I hope you like it! QOTD: Are you still active on tiktok? AOTD: no

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love this!
I love these colors ☺️
This is pretty!!
thanks, love this!
Round 1 Battle of collagers is out
charli is in danger!
this is so beautiful😍
of course!
woahhhhhhh, this is a real stunner
my eyes are popping out 🤩🤩🤩🤩
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STUNNING!!! aotd: nah I just watch videos for hours lol
I’m not active at all
I still have to make your icon for your prize
I’ll send it thorough the remix today
omg I missed u so much !! thank u fr noticing me
how have u been?
I just won’t be as active as o used to be tho
ugh! that’s annoying! and it’s such a great drawing too!
my more recent ones probably take fifteen min because I don’t have phonto. so I have to send the bg to my laptop, so the text on a word doc, send it back to my phone then finish it
? why would you even ask again? you just ignore them Caite, they’re not seeing things properly
wow your icon process sounds painful 🥴
But the end result for them look super stunning, so I guess the pain is worth it? 😂
well yes 😂
lol I can relate 😅
Hi Caite, How have you been. Just checking in to see how your feeling now bestie. I really love you so much Caite (as a friend doc not relationship love or anything just friend love) and I care about you heaps I just came to your account from more-elixir’s page from the icon thing and yes it must be so annoying you really put lots of effort in to making icons and I know you just made me a few icons the other day and your probably wondering why I haven’t used them and that’s because since my iPad broke I haven’t got a new one yet and I’ve been using my mums iPad and her iPad is connected to her iPhone so if I save any photos to her camera roll it will go to her phone and she doesn’t want me getting photos on her phone or iPad so I’m sorry I haven’t change it over yet but I will soon my new iPad is arriving in the mail in a few days so I’ll change my icon then, lots of love from your bestie Rosie ✨💖🥺
thank u for acknowledging me
exactly and yes back to stay for good this time
and rightv there’s so much more to life o had to take a break anlooong break
and I got stuff to do like studying and homework to attend to
I’m literally always busy too
but yeah
inactive is the best way to balance everything
Hey! I would appreciate it if u would join my Australia Games! Plz and thank u!😌 (delete if you like!🦘🐕🐨)
i think my favourite ballet move would be a grande jete! it’s very cliche, but i find it so satisfying and pretty!
hi Caite 👋🏻How have you been? 💗
thanks and that is pretty okward...
hi! I have a question and answer so I would love it if you asked a question about me!! thank you!! (sorry for the copy and paste)
aww you’re so sweet
and totally let’s collab sometime soon
No problem you deserve this also this collage is gorgeous
turns are actually my strong suit!! i loooove turns in second, and fouettes! they are sooo satisfying when you do them right!
you’re welcome
yeah, it’s okay if you can’t do them yet, they are definitely tricky. what style of ballet do you do?
come check out my latest post #bullyfreezone
do you want to keep working on the collab or is it done and ready to post
thanks honey!
thank you 💓you’re the best!
Beautiful collage i love it! Thanks coasting waters for following me. I really love your collages and especially these one because i like a lot Charlie D' Melio :)