Collab with....
sun-kissed ! Go follow them they’re amazing!


Collab with.... sun-kissed ! Go follow them they’re amazing!

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sorry for being annoying 🌺pls remember to submit your collage if you DO NOT ENTER BY THE END OF THE DAY THEY WILL BE ELIMINATED 🌷have a wonderful day 🌷
hello by the end of this day your collage has to be submitted if you don’t submit it you will by eliminated . if you had any technical difficulties post your collage on your acc and then tell me pls 💕have a great day💕
yep i have submitted it a few fays ago
reminder that it’s your last change to enter my contest tomorrow morning you will be eliminated
hi this is Falconheavy1 with the blue butterfly project. we are so sorry to have to do this, especially to those who have already submitted their entries to the contest. we are pushing back the due date until May 30th. we are very sorry we have to do this but only two teams have submitted so far. if you and your team do not submit your collage by the 30th you will be removed from the competition. if you can not contact your partner or have any other issues or questions please let me know. if you would like to drop out please let both me and your partner know. we will work with your partner to find them somebody else to work with if they would still like to participate. thank you 🦋 -Falconheavy1
that’s great, this shouldn’t effect you if you’ve already submitted, this only will set back the next round until this weekend
I would love to be your friend to! how are you?😊
⚠️ self advertising⚠️ hello 👋🏻. can you pls help me choose a new username. check out my acc for more info 💕
Hey Collager, Pls come and enter my contest. The theme is black and white vintage. I hope that you join. there is gonna be amazing prizes. Tysm for reading! love, CantBeForgotten💗💗💗. Sorry for the copy and paste message
ready to post our collab??
hey do you know anyone that would like to be on team reading? cuz if no one else joins you team will be canceled I’m super sorry
winners for my icon contest are posted!
ROUND 2 IS OUT !!💕🌿💕
hey 👋🏻 friendly reminder that your collage for round 2 is due 11 June ( if you already entered that’s fine but it’s easier for me to send reminders to all the contestants) ❤️have a wonderful day ❤️
💕💕💕reminder that round 2 of the contest of the butterflies is out
hey come join my contest... 1st 2nd and 3rd get a shout and and likes!
hey 👋🏻 reminder ~that round 2 is out and the theme is 🌿NATURE🌿 and it’s due for the 11 June and if you have entered sorry for this reminder
💕hey there is only 4 days left to submit your collage into round 2 and remember no premades and remember to use the pngs 💕💕
please go enter my contest
oh no! sometimes that happens! one time it wouldn’t even let me add a bio!
new hide and seek game is up 🙈
😌*self promo alert*😌🦋 I’m going to be changing up my acc to tik tok songs on my collages if you guys have any suggestions just comment on my most recent collage tyyy💕🦋
🔔 Reminder 🔔 tomorrow is your last day to enter your collage for round 2 if you don’t you will be ❌ELIMINATED ❌ so please if you haven’t entered please do 💕 If you have entered good luck to you 🍀 And PLEASE IF YOU SEE ANY OF THE OTHER CONTESTANTS WHO DID NOT ENTER PLEASE TELL THEN TO ENTER 💖 Have a great day 🍯 Love -luvly-butterflies-
hey reminder ❤️ that today is your last day for entering your college if you have any problems please tell me and if you don’t submit it by the end of the day you will be eliminated
round 3 is out ✨✨
could you check out my games and maybe enter? thanks anyway!
I would love to feature you on my account!!! Please comment on my recent post if you don’t mind me posting some of your content!! 🥰💞
i have!