🐚find the good!🐚 *tap*

hey guys! ik it probably seems like i have been inactive but im actually checking pc a lot and would love to talk! 🌸

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🐚find the good!🐚 *tap* hey guys! ik it probably seems like i have been inactive but im actually checking pc a lot and would love to talk! 🌸

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this looks so pretty
I love the pink theme😊
plz fill out the sign up sheet on my page.
how are u?
This is amazing!! 💞
I’m good too are u on break right now?
well guess what! you can't talk cause nobody can here you! I guess you'll just have to text! lol
cute! congrats on 200 🎉🎉❤️❤️
also, have I told you my nam before if not, my name is arì ❤️
aw thanks so much! ❤️
what’s your name? ❤️😘
starlings? woah! that’s cool
cool❤️🥰 same so glad I am
so how was ur day?
your pc na,e can be star 😂
that’s awesome!
I hope u had fun
I’ve just been at home watching Netflix yayyy?! lol😂
I’ve never seen those
they sound interesting
I watch the vampire diaries
and I’m only on season 3 I need to be on season 4 right now
u totally should tell me if u like it
did u watch it?
do u have Snapchat, Instagram, we heart it, Pinterest
*sincerely sorry for advertisement* Hi! You are a fantastic collage maker and I want you to join my flowers 🌸 contest!!! Everyone who joins will ALL get a group shoutout no matter what!! 😊 I know it’s winter so I wanted to mix it up with some floral gestures!! Anyways you are a lovely ❤️ person and I would love you to join!! Chili 🌶 Vibes! Luv 💕🌷 -Ukulele97
eh. procrastinating I’ll tell you. and I actually did my science homework but I didn’t submit it 🤦‍♀️. and now I have a zero and redo the whole thing cause it was a actively learn on the iPad 🤦‍♀️. and now I have a zero in the grade book but my teacher is like “I knew u did it so it’s fine.” and I’m like ‘that’s the only good thing I heard all day long’
How’s ur life treating you??
what was the “Okie!” for again?
oh nvm oops
How are you? 💕💕💕
Also ummmmm... What is your name again
awww thanks 💞💞 love ur account keep up the good work ;)
the selection will begin soon!
I am doing ok. I have a lot of rehearsals for the Nutcracker this week so I am awfully tired
ok I respect that. I couldn't remember if you had told me a name to call you or not
no it’s fine I love your enthusiasm
thank you :)
this is so so so so so pretty! and that pencil thing just made me laugh so hard! my mouth tastes like led 😂 and I haven’t in ages so I think I’m getting better but I’ve been on some meds 🤮. I don’t like them because it’s lurking in my mind that the happiness is fake? like if I was off them it would suck again and it’s not really me who’s doing better..you know? I don’t really know. 😵
this is gorgeous!!!