🥁collab with🥁

BeachCraver!!! she is so sweet and made the beautiful background and I did the text! 
go give her a follow if you haven’t already 💗💗💗


🥁collab with🥁 BeachCraver!!! she is so sweet and made the beautiful background and I did the text! go give her a follow if you haven’t already 💗💗💗

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this is a BEAUTIFUL first collage after your break!!
stunning collab!
this is stunning
awww thank you☺️ I don’t know why🤷‍♀️🤣 lol
no I’m not Ariana Grande but my name is Ariana !
wow this is stunning 💓
np!! 💞
tysm!! and I just get them from Pinterest!
this is beautiful!!!
your welcome!🥰💚💚
tysm !!💕
this is so pretty! glad you back❤️
npp x
thank you!!
aww bro:(( I cAnt gEt tHr vIrus bEcUase iDonT drInk
also yeah 3 cases hv been confirmed where I live and I think 2 of them came to my school suburb for a while bcz my school is in an area with a lotta asians
oh aha there’s a drink called corona so a bunch of ppl are joking about it💀
yep so how’s skl for you?
thankyou so much!! love this!!💕
Aww thanks 🥰
thank you so muchhh💖💖
oh my gosh that made my day, i miss u too bro😣✊🏼
aww thanks sm :)
omg soo cuteee😍💖
thx so much
thank youu
omg I love a Aries
thank you
i’m so glad you’re doing great!! either way, if you ever want to talk, rant, or anything, just reach out💓it’s okay to have bad days sometimes :) also may i add that your collages are amazing💓💓💓
hey Girly would you mind joining my icon contest btw I looooove your art and you inspire me sooooo much :3
aww tysm 💕❤️
THANKYOU SO MUCH, you are such a true person, and I really appreciated that! it means so much to me that, people on pc are so nice that they would take the time to do that. I really feel so grateful to know such nice people!
thank u! also do u want a collab?
hey so about the collab, I was thinking of doing my theme which u can see on my two posts. but if u don’t want to, I am fine. the quote is like relates to “be yourself” something like that. if u don’t mind, I can do the bg. I might be a bit busy these two days doing 15 review forms and having a another collab, but I will try my best! talk to u later 😆
we can do a Shawn ended themed collab🤣
hi! so what do u think about the collab
np!!💓💓i may take a while to respond just cause life is being crazy rn but always reach out if u need to:)💓
yeah sure! I. I might be busy today with school but I will try to do it today. also you know how I do the texts, you can do it that way or ur own way doesn’t matter
I can do the text
that’s fine can u make a chat page
either one is fine
yeah sure! I can make the bg then u add
pertty 💘
so what do u think about it
it’s ok if ur busy take ur time I might be a bit busy since I am having school and another two collabs
so so pretty! could you maybe enter my icon contest? i’d love it if you did
hi are we still collabing?
sorry to rush u I was just asking
thx! also take ur Time on the collab I was just wondering if u were busy
yes I did handdraw that myself. thank you 💕💕
take ur Tim won the collage!
icon contest results are out!
do u think u can finish by tomorrow?
if not it’s ok
so how is the collab going do you think it will be done by tomorrow? also if not, don’t rush
hey so how’s the collab going? (not to rush you)
Hey come check out the newest interview with trelawney
no problem take ur time!
I made it! check it in the remix hope u like it! should I post now?
This looks amazing!!
thank u!
thx! when are u posting the collab?