Thank you all soo much for all the love an support you all have given me throughout my whole time on pc!♥️
✨QOTD: How long have you been on PicCollage for?  ✨AOTD: Around 5-6 months!✨

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✨TAP!✨ Thank you all soo much for all the love an support you all have given me throughout my whole time on pc!♥️ ✨QOTD: How long have you been on PicCollage for? ✨AOTD: Around 5-6 months!✨

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aotd: since February!
AOTD: about six months, well since January 4th.
around 3-4 months
This is amazing!! AOTD: around 2 months
thank you lots💕😊
Thx for following me
yea ofc 😊👍🏻
awww ty 😊😘💗
check out my icon contest 😊
thx for following xx
AOTD: I had a different account a long time ago and then I started a new account (this one) which I've been on for a about the same time as you!
About a year now
wowowow beautiful!!! and aww thank youuu❤️❤️ and I would love to collab but I’m so busy atm
AOTD: two months
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I LOVE your icon!! Did you make it yourself?
if your interested I have one more spot in my marvel games and I would love if you would join if now it understand
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this is so beautiful *faints*
that means so much to me!❤️
AOTD- 6 years
I still can’t believe I’ve been on pc that long 😱
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OMG!!! Love your account and collages!! I wish I can do this one day!!
You actually think I can???
Aww thanks for the support!!
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thanks for the follow
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it’s absolutely fine! also when you have the chance since I know your busy I totally understand I’ve been busy going to my dads appointments since he’s been diagnosed with cancer... but I would love to collab❤️🧡💛💚💙💜also your such a sweet person,stay you, and remember that God loves you no matter what❣️
heyyy! I miss you so much!!💗also congrats on 1.8k I’m so happy for you🧡
final round is up
your collages are absolutely amazing! keep making these they are gorgeous! you really have a talent for it!
This is BEAUTIFUL!!!