🎐˗ˏˋ 𝐓𝐀𝐏! ˎˊ˗ 🌸
ONLYANGCL'S NEW THEME: more posts, new content, & other goodies🙈♡ check comments 4 more ... 💧🧚‍♀️🌱✨ xx


🎐˗ˏˋ 𝐓𝐀𝐏! ˎˊ˗ 🌸 — ONLYANGCL'S NEW THEME: more posts, new content, & other goodies🙈♡ check comments 4 more ... 💧🧚‍♀️🌱✨ xx

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(cont.) :: hi babies! 🥺 i hope all of you are happy & healthy! safe too! the world is so crazy right now... let's all hope it blows over soon. i figured i'd return since my school got shut down & it's online now! i have more time for stuff now so i can't wait to get back in the swing of things ♡ i love you all so much!!! if you need to talk to anyone, i'm here 💘😽 xx
ahhhh dhdbxbbx i miss u 🥺
ur literally the same i love it😂 i’m a lil different. hIgHscHoOl hAs chAnGeD mE
i’m gonna start editing againnn
🥺👉🏻👈🏻 no u dontttt
aghhh im so happy ur so beautiful 🥺
we should collab for my first edit!!
omg i’m excited☺️ everything u make is gorgeous likeee this new theme post is prettier than all my posts combined😂
noooo u are🥺🥺🤍
NOOOOO ur amazing😤 everything u make belongs in a museum☺️
no ur the sweetest bb🥺 ily too🤍🤍
aww ofc I’m excited!! your collages are always so amazing 🥺
hehe☺️ my day is going pretty well, how is yours😚
same here!!😁
yeah! whatever works for u bbg! ily 🥺
ahhh seriously?? you’re super sweet 🥺💖
I was wondering, do you wanna be friends? 🙃
which one do u prefer?💗💕
also how do u do the little frame thingy 😂 idk how to describe it
awww akshjssj you’re sO nice wth
also you putting Harry’s website in your bio * chefs kiss * the taste
YES! that’s it!
i’m stupid asf 🤧
ahhh let’s take our swing at the playlist idea! i think that would be fun to make all aesthetic-y or whateva 😂
👉🏻👈🏻🥺 yesh pwease
y e S —
ahhdbxbxb im so excited. watch it all b fine line tracks 😂 also peep harry’s site in ur bio 👀👀💕💘💓💗💞
ahhh thank u 👼💓
i’ll get to work on this *sexy* playlist post😂😂
ahaaa yes harry is amazing 🥰 I’m about to go to bed wbu?
also you can call me maddie aha 🙃
heyyy thank you so much!! she didn’t have to bring you there 😂 but thank you so much anyway :))
ayeee thanks!! ♥️
me too! it’s full of freaking bops 🔥🤩
heyoooo what’s up?😎
hiii bbggggg hru??
i’m workin on online school and workin on our playlist post 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
it makes me so happy when people say babes or bb🥺🥰 good morning bb how’d you sleep??🤍😚
agsh ur actually the sweetest 🥺 i missed u indescribably ahhh
i’m hopping out the lauv’s “how i’m feeling” album ✨
hehe 😚 i usually listen to MUCH different stuff but i got curious. i’ve been getting back into pop lately though. i went thru a bit of “pOP suCKs” phase but then my handsome baby hazza came out w fine line and i was back in 😂😂
fiiiight me u are
me too! i went to bed at 1 and woke up at 11👀👉👈
and no UR CUTE😤🤍
i’m doing online school stuff (no fun😤) hbu bb?🖤
omggggg 💗💓 we love empowered alexa🥺 i like explorin new albums n stuff
luv u 🥴
yeahh it’s a lot more fun to do it where ur comfortable :) i do it at my desk bc i have to do a lot of writing😓 it’s kinda comfy tho ngl😂
last week i had to join one from 9 AM - 9:30 AM but this week i don’t have to so yayyy☺️ do you?
i refuse,, ur the cutest😤🤍🤍
girrrrlllll do u have spotify ?
my desk is a lil beat up👀😂 but i do like it☺️
ikkk i don’t wanna wake up early to sit in silence for 30 minutes😤😂
do u have any fun plans for today ange?🤍
follow me @ederiso and check out my playlists bb!!! especially mixtape & GOLDEN AGE!! gimme review too 🥺💘
i’m excited 🥺
also excuse my ugly face 😂😂😚
no u😤🤍 and me eitherr just school stuff, i got to see some friends yesterday tho (ik ik i’m breaking quarantine rules😓)
also i’m so excited for your new posts bb🥰
hehe ik i’m such a baddie😎😂 and hehe np bb ur art is so beautiful🥺🤍
thank u sweetheart 💘
we love💖💓💕
omigosh stewie is sitting on my back it tickles-
1 1/2 boyfriends and me having a glo up😂😂
nooo omg everytime u comment on my page it’s just holy- she wants to talk to me?😳🤍🤍
ikkk it’s just crazy cuz ur such an angel🥺🤍
hi ok so my memory is horrible and I can’t remember but did I call you the wrong name yesterday?? abhabs if i did it was an accident I’m so sorry if I did 🥺 Idk why but I have a feeling I did
^ also I’m doing pretty good! a little tired of being stuck in my house but that’s all 🙃 hru?
no uuu🥺🤍 i opened the app to see u had commented and i smiled so big🥰🥰
what are you up to angelll
no U😤 and ahhh that’s fun☺️ i’m binge watching gilmore girls🤍
it’s so good🥺 did u finish the whole show??🤍
I was so scared that I called you the wrong name I’m glad I didn’t ahshshs