// ashand93 
well.. why not think.


🐋✨🌄 // ashand93 well.. why not think.

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sooo beautiful
love it
love this 💞
haha, so how’s 9th grade like for you?
This collage is also Amazing!
That’s good! Meaning no drama. My school is honestly just a mess.
thinking is hard it hurts my brain :((
also, this is stunning!!
How are your teachers? Did u get any “nice” ones this year?
I got the worst teacher in the entire history. They are doing a great job at teaching “NOT”. Plus all of my classes are at different sides of the campus, so that makes everything into an extra work out since I have to run to all of my classes.😂
Thanks for the prayer, I appreciate it.
oh lol. he’s my favorite that’s why. the only artist I invest my time into. what’s your favorite song by him?
Do you have a favorite genre/ type of music you listen to?
oh yeah. crash is amazing. did you know that it’s not a girl singing?
How are you? How’s high school treating you?
I heard that when your in HS you don’t have any classes with your friends from middle school. Is that true?
Oh wow, that’s not as bad as I thought.?
What are your hobbies?
Nice👍I like to read as well. What book are you reading right now?
thank youuuuu
thank you so much!♥️
yeah lol. It’s actually him. The whole vertigo album was made by him. He did the production and everything. I’m his bedroom.
yep it's gonna be sister spooky
ayyy thank you so much!! Your account is goalsss
it doesnt feel like it. i swear to god, im just using other peoples' ideas and i feel so shįt.
thank you so much💛
yessss omg thank you!! 💕💕 The try guys are like the best and I haven't seen them in an edit so ahhhhsjiddn!
Hey, how are you doing?
i get that, but its just that, it annoys the fûck out of me that i can't come up with something on my own.
That sounds stressful, I’m pretty sure you have twice the amount of projects since middle school, and I still can’t believe that it gets worse in high school!🤢
pretty good. you?
Well that’s making me even more excited for my future. (sarcasm) 😂
lol that type of collage was probably just only a one time thing. i was just really bored. like, reeaallyyyy bored.
trust me, im always bored. but not always in the mood to do stuff like that.